Blavatnik Harvard Life Lab Longwood
Blavatnik Harvard Life Lab Longwood
Blavatnik Harvard Life Lab Longwood
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are you located?

    240 Longwood Ave, Building C on the Harvard Medical School Quad.

    Who can apply to the Harvard Life Labs?

    Students, alumni, faculty, or postdocs of Harvard University or an affiliate lab that are a C-Suite member or co-founder are all eligible to apply.

    What type of companies do you support?

    We support Harvard affiliated therapeutics companies that are typically PreSeed to Series A funded.

    What lab amenities do you offer?

    Complimentary lab services include EHS training, permits for lab operations, cleaning and waste removal, maintenance of equipment, and centralize purchasing.

    How do I apply?

    Submit an application through this link or reach out to for more information! We host a regular joint Life Lab Selection Committee Meeting with our Allston location.

    What office amenities do you offer?

    Hot desking, dedicated computational desks, conference rooms, phone booths, lockers, and filing cabinets. Fully stocked café and coffee options as well.

    What kind of equipment do you offer?

    Open lab benches equipped with pipettes and vortex, BSL1 and BSL2 space including biosafety cabinets and incubators, formulation equipment, cold storage, centrifuges, standard sample analysis tools

    What are the rates and terms?

    The monthly rates for the academic year (July 2023 - June 2024) are $3,300/bench, $300/membership fee, and $700/dedicated desk. Companies can stay at the Life Lab for a maximum of two years with 30 days' notice.

    Do we have access to the CORE Facilities?

    CORE facilities that accept external teams are available to Life Lab members at a discounted rate.

    What can I expect being a member of the Life Labs?

    At the Life Lab, we focus on fostering community, in a variety of different ways. We host regular happy hours with our residents to get to know each other and will be starting spotlight series on different companies and the science they are performing. Through being at the Life Lab, while you do get access to world-class equipment and space, you also get to make real connections with your fellow residents working alongside you in the labs.

    Who is the operating partner of the Life Labs?

    LabCentral is the managing partner of the Life Labs and provides all ventures with support to remove the operational burden, giving them the ability to focus on their science.