Photograph of scientist observing the Tecan instrument in the Drug Discovery Sciences Core

Drug Discovery Sciences Core within the HMS Therapeutics Translator provides intellectual input, including chemistry advising and project management, as well as a variety of biochemical and cell-based assays in support of the therapeutics research initiatives of tenant companies within the Blavatnik Life Lab Longwood and the HMS community.

  • Expertise

    Drug Discovery Sciences Core offers expertise in the following areas:

    • Chemistry Advising
    • Cellular and Biochemical Assays
    • Project Management
    • Structural Biology


  • Rates

    Drug Discovery Sciences Core Hourly Rates*
    RatesChemistry AdvisingProject ManagementMolecular & Biochemical AssaysStructural Biology
    Harvard Internal$268$111$151$100
    HMS Affiliates and Non-Harvard Academic$308$128$173$116

    * Tentative rates, subject to change

    Non-academic investigators should contact the core for the current industry price structure.

  • Contact

    For inquiries about assay development and optimization, please contact Dr. Jennifer Smith, Director of the Therapeutics Drug Discovery Sciences Core Laboratory.

    For chemistry advising and project management expertise, please contact Dr. Mark Namchuk, Executive Director of Therapeutics Translation.

    For general inquiries, please contact Andrea Chen, Research Operations and Therapeutics Coordinator.